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What’s happening | MAY

Here’s an overview of all events & promotion in May.

Aerial Yoga uses yoga poses with the support of aerial hammocks to transform traditional yoga

into a multi dimensional experience. The

hanging fabric allows the body to stretch

fully, helping to increase flexibility.

Guided by the breath, we flow through

creative sequences with supported

inversions and floating asanas to build

strength and coordination.

No experience necessary.

Visit for bookings & details

We are having a Mothers Day Special class, Massage Ball Release.

Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details

Details for our monthly Combo Class will be revealed later this month.

Edward Liu is a hatha yoga teacher based in Hong Kong. He started as a personal trainer and taught strength & conditioning, mobility exercises, and led group classes in the Honolulu, Hawaii. Edward's yoga journey took him from not being able to touch his own toes while standing to doing press-up handstands all in a short span of two years. It is his yoga and meditation practice where he also discovered spirituality and the importance of self-discovery.

Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details

Classes from last month that are still available.

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