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What’s happening | AUGUST

Here’s an overview of all events & promotion in August.

This class is a full body conditioning and strengthening workout, improving functional strength, flexibility and co-ordination. It is also excellent for improving vital core strength and firming, shaping and defining your body. Class is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details

This workshop will teach you the yoga techniques for safe prenatal yoga home practice with (or without) your partner.

the workshop includes:

-30 mins yoga asana practice

-breathing exercise and introduction to meditation

-yoga poses to bring home for releasing pregnancy discomfort

-yoga poses to avoid for regular yoga class

Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details

Details for our monthly Combo Class will be revealed later this month.

Visit MINDBODY for bookings

Following our monthly combo class is MOVIE NIGHT! Movie to be announced later this month.

Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details

Sherin is certified and trained in Hong Kong. She is an ex-financial auditor, quantity surveyor, freelance makeup artist and a novice mom. After starting yoga practice, she feels calm, conscious and focused in both physical and mindful aspects, meanwhile bringing joyfulness and positivity to her daily life. Thus she believes by teaching children, through yoga, to love and respect, is actually offering a lifelong toolbox of skills for them to overcome any challenges them will come across in the future.

Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details

Early Bird promotion can be used for all 7:00AM & 8:15AM classes.

Classes include

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Gentle Flow

  • Vinyasa

Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details

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