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Our HIIT x Yoga session is about balance, balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. After a 45-min intense sweaty workout, calm your mind and body with a relaxing yoga session. Learn to create balance through mindful movements.

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A 2-hrs workshop focusing on the dynamics, restrictions, tips and tricks for getting into headstands, as well as its variation. Detail of the dynamic of the pose will be covered. Which muscles needs to be strengthened, how to stretch and which postures help to prepare you for the pose and to prevent potential injuries.

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Fiona and Gideon is a Certified Acrovinyasa teacher. They will bring you through the foundations and fundamentals of acro yoga during this 2-hours beginner workshop, with partner drills, games, smart and accessible progressions, introducing basic poses in a fun and safe environment.

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This class will introduce to you the joy of support and suspension. We will combine playfulness, alignments with traditional yoga asanas and pranayama exercise to create a unique practice. It mainly focuses on

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Sherin is certified and trained in Hong Kong. She is an ex-financial auditor, quantity surveyor, freelance makeup artist and a novice mom. After starting yoga practice, she feels calm, conscious and focused in both physical and mindful aspects, meanwhile bringing joyfulness and positivity to her daily life. Thus she believes by teaching children, through yoga, to love and respect, is actually offering a lifelong toolbox of skills for them to overcome any challenges them will come across in the future.

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